Bernard Fonlon: The Great Leader in the History of Cameroon

On August 26, 1986 the great professor Bernard Fonlon passed away. He was a true leader, philosopher, adviser, teacher, writer, Africanist, essayist, nationalist and mentor. On the verge of the 26th anniversary of his death it’s really hard to summarize the impeccable qualities of this great person in one short article.

Even in today anyone will be astonished by the ways of his thinking. Bernard Fonlon was the man to create telecommunication network for the country, a public transport system, an entire airline and a health and family welfare system.

The saddest part is he was unable to accomplish his complete goal. He intended to receive a doctorate degree in Literature from Canada. After completing the degree he wanted to stay in the United States of America during the Fulbright program. But he couldn’t leave Canada and will be memorized by the followers though God Almighty took him away before he could fulfill his intentions.

After sixty two years since born his body was brought back to his native place Cameroon and buried after his tragic death in Canada. He died in Lake Nyos gas disaster which took away hundreds of countrymen’s life just within few minutes. His death was one of the most tragic events in the history of Cameroon.

The death of this great person was surpassed because of this tragic incident. Professor Fonlon always maintained a safe distance from the limelight for himself and may be his death in this horrible incident was God Almighty’s wish to keep him in the way he always wanted. He was one of the most qualified men in that time yet he labored patiently for country. When the contemporary successful countrymen were so busy to prove themselves as hero Fonlon never exposed him as one of them. It’s his qualities and works what makes him memorable.

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