Dr. Bernard Fonlon and Christianity

Professor Bernard Fonlon one of the greatest leaders and scholars of our time devoted his believe to Christianity. Throughout his life he was a devoted Christian and he interacted with ordinary citizens. He fought of the citizens whose rights were denied. He spent his life only on his salary, defended national unity and most importantly he defended spiritual and intellectual virtues.

Truthfulness, holiness, transparency and goodness were his way of living. He loved the way he lived and he always fought for the greater goodness. His passion and work helped a lot remove corruption. Yet till today, most of the leaders work for their own gain. It is necessary to spread the teachings of this great person in this domain.

The denial of God is the root of Cameroon’s political, social, economic and spiritual vices. But Dr. Fonlon was always against it and lived his life as a true Christian. He said, in spite of its shortcomings, the greatest strength of the Western Civilization for over 2000 years, is its Christian Heritage.

This great leader re-introduced the religion into educational system and in the nation’s political life. Dr. Fonlon called the version as ‘the supreme science’. To fight against corruption and several notorious problems there’s no other way than to teach the future generations about religion and God’s path.

He tried to find out the root problem of the corruption and he was successful to change the scenario. When most of the successful leaders denied the existence of God, he mentioned them as pseudo intellectual. According to his believe, the education system was producing intellectual devils and mercenaries.

Cameroon’s greatest leader Dr. Bernard Fonlon warned the future generations about Godlessness and to solve the problem he changed the educational system. He was the one who turned down thousand year’s tradition and put religion into the educational system.

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