Fonlon and National Integration

“I had naively believed that, with the struggle over, common sense and political insight would prevail and the leaders would sink their differences and close ranks and make unification a resounding victory. I was soon to learn that they had not attained the depth of personal and political maturity, which makes statesmen of politicians and enable them to crush personal hurt underfoot in the interest of lofty national undertaking. I have grown up to detest bitterness and hatred and thus it was a rude shock to me, on my arrival, to hear our leaders tearing each other to bits. Today they have reached the stage where they do not hesitate to sling mud at each other in the East Cameroon press. What a shame!”

Fonlon, B. N. (1966) The Task of Today . Cameroon Printing and Publishing Company Ltd, Victoria, West Cameroon, p. 52.

This section titled ” Fonlon and National Integration”, will be dedicated to Fonlon’s ideas on national integration in Cameroon. We will carry articles that show how his views about the union of the former British Southern Cameroons and the French Cameroons evolved over time. Contributions from the public analyzing Fonlon’s philosophy are most welcome.

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