Insights from an insider and outsider

Colin Gardner lovesPius Adesanmi’s
“YOU’RE Not a Country, Africa: A Personal History of the African Present”

“The picture that he paints is in many ways very grim. Yet his writing is buoyant and he is not without hope; hope that Nigeria, and Africa as a whole, will pull itself together and use its best instincts to devise a valid ideal and workable political and economic policies. This book helps one to entertain such a hope.

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Insights from an insider and outsider

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New Nigerian writers are in need of spirit

“…the trouble with my own age of writers. We have no story; no drama, simply because we have lived in diapers all our lives, secluded from the messier details of real power; sheltered by the romantic view that writers are isolate figures, shielded from the rest of society by their moral sensibilities.” See the rest of the essay below, but here is my take on the piece. Nwakanma’s goal is Read More…


According to the newspaper La Nouvelle Expression (Cameroon), on the 18th Jan 2011, president Paul Biya signed a decree appointing Senior Divisional Officers (SDO) for some 370 subdivisions in Cameroon. The appointments were however read on the 24th January and to the horror of some members of the public, the deceased Njutapmwoui Ousmanou was among those appointed. Reports show that the late Njutapmwoui Ousmanou who was 2nd Assistant at the Read More…