Bernard Fonlon Honoring the late Dr. Bernard Fonlon, leading Cameroonian teacher, philosopher, essayist, poet, nationalist, Africanist and human rights activist. Tue, 28 Jan 2014 08:45:02 +0000 en-US hourly 1 28 Elephants Were Found Dead in Cameroon Thu, 14 Mar 2013 10:25:58 +0000 According to the conservation organization WWF, poachers have recently killed 28 rare forest elephant at the Nki and Lobeke national parks in the southeast Cameroon. WWF says that poachers have already reduced the population of the forest elephant by 62% over the last decade, putting them on track for extinction.

The parks in the southeast Cameroon (along with the Congo and Gabon) have some of the last significant population of the forest elephants. WWF Cameroon representative in the East Region, Zacharie Nzooh, said that “Elephants in these 2 protected areas in the Congo and Basin are facing threats to their existence.”

Nzooh said that between Feb 10 and March 1, 23 elephants’ carcasses were found by WWF deep in the Nki national park. More five elephant have been found in the Lobeke national park without their tusks. He said “automatic weapons such as AK-47s have been used by the poachers, reflecting the violent character of poaching.”

These elephants are smaller than its African savannah cousin and have straighter tusks. Nzooh fears that if authority fails to take urgent measures against the poachers, Cameroon’s forest elephants could disappear in less than a decade. Presently, the estimated number of the elephants is about 2,000.

Ivory is expensive and sold for hundreds of dollars per kilogram on the black market. Most of the buyers are from Asia, especially from China, whence they carve it into jewelry and ornaments.

In the early 2012, some heavily armed poachers massacred about 200 savannah elephants at the Bouba National Park in Cameroon. Cameroon deployed 600 soldiers in December, trying to protect the park and its valuable wildlife.

A Genuine Intellectual in Cameroon Sun, 24 Feb 2013 15:18:14 +0000 When I was a child, I had varied impression about the greatest countryman Bernard Fonlon. We learnt through our teachers, kinsmen, colleagues and tribesmen that he was indeed a genuine intellectual, a mastermind, a moral colossus and a proud –gallent son of Nso. He was able to understand what national unity is. He understood politics more than any other people in his time.

But this perception about the politics and life didn’t come by born or in one day. This came through a painful realization 3 years into the reunification business; the KNDP was being shortchanged and therefore he wrote THE TIME IS NOW in the year of 1964.

He was the first and foremost Nso before being Cameroonian. In his seminal article Res Una Republica he mentioned that I am a Cameroonian since I am a true son of Nso. I show off my Nso-ness by espousing the tradition and culture of the Nso.

I am aware of my Anglophone-ness and Nso-ness, I can think and live Cameroonian through The Case for Early Bilingualism, for example. He was apparently a proud man, but in the mundane sense of the world. It was pride that oozed from a conscious awareness of self.

Father Cornelius Fontem Esua had been designated the Bishop of Kumbo. He was supposed to be devoted as bishop in Kumbo. There was lot of effervescence. I had the weird feeling that the Nso people did not welcome the idea of a non-Nso bishop. Just at that time, a certain John Yein published a vitriolic piece in Cameroon Tribute on the goings-on in the Bamenda Archdiocese lorded by the kate venerated Archbishop Paul Verdvekov.

Diplomats meeting in Cameron: Issue Crisis over Central African Republic Mon, 07 Jan 2013 15:30:58 +0000 Last Friday a group of diplomat attended in a meeting held on Cameron’s Foreign Ministry offices in Yaounde. The meeting was based on the present crisis of the Central African Republic. Bunch of diplomats from United States, France and European Union attended the meeting with an aim to find out the possible course to face the recent crisis and solve the problem.

The inside news hasn’t been flashed out yet. The meeting took place far away from the eyes of the journalists. But it’s quite sure they attended there for the betterment of the country and find most suitable solution of the present problem.

Cameroon’s Foreign Minister Pierre Moukoko Mbonio chaired the meeting. Minister left just after the day of the meeting. Preparations are being taken for peace talk with the Central African government and rebels. Pierre left for the Gabonese capital Libreville to start the preparations for peace talk.

The European Union and several other countries are influencing the government to solve the recent issue with the rebels. United States and other giant countries are willing to provide diplomatic solution and all other supports to solve the problem. It’s been guessed the meeting between the diplomats from several countries was one of the steps of the government to solve the issue, though it’s not clearly sure.

The government hasn’t yet fixed any date for the peace talk. But if the meeting was based on the issue then soon enough the government and rebels group will come to an understanding to solve the problem in a peaceful way. Cameroon government, specially the foreign ministry playing important role to solving the problem and hopefully they’ll be able to reach at a reasonable point and the crisis will be eliminated.

Dr. Bernard Fonlon and Christianity Sat, 15 Dec 2012 17:55:10 +0000 Professor Bernard Fonlon one of the greatest leaders and scholars of our time devoted his believe to Christianity. Throughout his life he was a devoted Christian and he interacted with ordinary citizens. He fought of the citizens whose rights were denied. He spent his life only on his salary, defended national unity and most importantly he defended spiritual and intellectual virtues.

Truthfulness, holiness, transparency and goodness were his way of living. He loved the way he lived and he always fought for the greater goodness. His passion and work helped a lot remove corruption. Yet till today, most of the leaders work for their own gain. It is necessary to spread the teachings of this great person in this domain.

The denial of God is the root of Cameroon’s political, social, economic and spiritual vices. But Dr. Fonlon was always against it and lived his life as a true Christian. He said, in spite of its shortcomings, the greatest strength of the Western Civilization for over 2000 years, is its Christian Heritage.

This great leader re-introduced the religion into educational system and in the nation’s political life. Dr. Fonlon called the version as ‘the supreme science’. To fight against corruption and several notorious problems there’s no other way than to teach the future generations about religion and God’s path.

He tried to find out the root problem of the corruption and he was successful to change the scenario. When most of the successful leaders denied the existence of God, he mentioned them as pseudo intellectual. According to his believe, the education system was producing intellectual devils and mercenaries.

Cameroon’s greatest leader Dr. Bernard Fonlon warned the future generations about Godlessness and to solve the problem he changed the educational system. He was the one who turned down thousand year’s tradition and put religion into the educational system.

Changing Climates in Forest Communities of Cameroon Wed, 05 Dec 2012 20:47:27 +0000 The Republic of Cameroon situated in Central Africa. The rural community of this country heavily dependent on their forests for everything, which start from medicinal needs or for nutrition purpose or it is used as fuel for cooking. But the important thing is they will be unable to adapt to climate change without outside help. To support communities to increase their effectiveness in adapting strategies Government can set up a meteorological observatory which will help farmers on planting season to the establishment of research and action programmes.

The Congo basin is the second largest tropical rainforest in the world after the Amazon. Covering almost 228 million hectares and it also represents somewhat 20 percent of the world’s tropical forest. And another interesting news is these forests covers a total land area of 60 percent central Africa covering six countries such as Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and Republic of Congo.

A project was developed in 2008 by CIFOR (Centre for International Forestry Research’s) to increase public and policy awareness about the effect of relying so heavily on animal and plant products. These products come from the second largest continuous tropical rainforest in the world. Using these products unwisely can affect the natural balance of this country as well as they might face a shortage of natural resources in near future.

One of the authors of a paper called “Forest policy and Economics” named Denis Sonwa formed a team for monitoring the factors of energy derived from fuel wood. They are pretty concerned on production and consumption of charcoal and meanwhile interviewing everyone related to the whole process starting producers, transporters and consumers to find out how it affecting their activities and environment.

Historic Form of Fonlon-Nichols Award Tue, 04 Dec 2012 15:14:35 +0000 Bernard Fonlon, one of the greatest leaders of our time has died in 1986. He was a teacher, writer, editor of literary journals, and head of the African Literature Department at the University of Yaoundé. This great leader always made strong stand for the oppressed communities. Even in the difficult political atmosphere he never let down from his honor and ideology. After the passage of this great person, people across the world intend to honor his memory and founded Fonlon-Nichols award.

Stephen Arnold former director of the Research Institute for African and Caribbean Literature RICLAC at the University of Alberta came forward to contribute and develop a fund in the name of this leader. Friends of Fonlon form all over the world then came in handy and contributed for the fund. The Provincial Government of Alberta matched these contributions.

Lee Nichols, a journalist who is well known for his passionate work on human rights. He always raised his voice against racism and supported human rights with every bit of him. He is very popular for his historic reports on Voice of America on the development of African literatures. Scholars of African literature greatly honor Nichols for his outstanding work on literature. By the time Alberta Government raised funds in memory of Fonlon, Nichols announced his retirement.

Bernard Fonlon and Lee Nichols both shared common ideology and followed the path of humanity. They thought alike in the commitment to democratic ideals, humanistic values, and literary excellence in Africa.The executive committee of RICLAC decided to associate Nichols name with Fonlon and now the fund is used to award as Fonlon-Nichols Award.

From the meeting at Guadeloupe in 1993 the Executive of the African Literature Association decided to arrange the award in every year’s meeting and since then it’s going on.

Historical Vicissitudes of Cameroon Republic Sun, 30 Sep 2012 13:15:04 +0000 Central African nation Cameroon Republic is situated on Gulf of Guinea and circulated by Nigeria, Chad, the Central African Republic, the Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon. Several rivers flow inside this country Benue, Sanaga, Nyong are remarkable among them. Cameroon contains lots of mountains, hills and Mount Cameroon is the highest elevation of this country. Former federal republic has been replaced by the plebiscite in 1972 and formed a unitary republic out of East and West Cameroon.

In 1472 a Portuguese sailor Ferdanando Poo discovered the country. He was travelling watery. In his travel he reached at river Wouri in Douala and found out numerous shrimps. He named the area Rio Dos Camaroes which means River of shrimps. The name Cameroon originated later on. Interestingly in different region this country name is spelled different. In German they spell it Kamerun, Spanish Cameroes and French Cameroun.

Cameroon was colonized and ruled by several countries. German made their colony in 1884. After the first world, United Nation League submitted the country under British and French jurisdiction. The greater sector of the country East Cameroon was under French responsibility while British maintained the smaller part West Cameroon formerly known as “Cameroon under British Administration”.

The first day of 1960 is one greatest days in the history of this country. On this day East Cameroon got independence from French administration. United Nation League took a plebiscite and after the result gave Southern Cameroons automatic independence and unification.

The federal Republic was born after the reunification. On 20th May, 1972 a referendum was held and the federal Republic turned into United Republic. Today’s Republic of Cameroon born in 1984 by the presidential Decree of the United Republic.

Readers Mind: Tribute to A Great Leader Sat, 15 Sep 2012 09:23:30 +0000 When I was in school I heard Bernard Fonlon was a genuine intellectual, a moral colossus, an epitome of down-to-earthedness and a proud-gallant son of Nso. I had quite an impression about him. And when I got a chance to know him better I was astonished by his understanding of national unity and national integration. I belief he understood it better than most political slogan drumbeaters of his time and today.

The more I knew about him the more I wonder. He was first and foremost a Nso-man before being a Cameroonian. His seminal article got my attention fully. It was entitled Res Una Republica meant There is Two in One. In it he mentioned I am a Cameroonian because I am a true son of Nso. I exhibit my Nso-ness by espousing the culture and tradition of the Nso and by championing the socio-economic development of Nso-land through the Kumbo Water Project.

When I went deep in it I found ‘I am a bona fide Cameroonian because I am first of all a dyed-in-the-wool Anglophone. I display my Anglophone-ness by promoting the values and culture of the Anglophone and by upholding the socio-politico-economic development of Anglophones through the creation of the GCE Board’.

He also mentioned ‘now that I am consciously aware of my Nso-ness and my Anglophone-ness, I can think and live Cameroonian through The Case for Early Bilingualism’. From a point of view it can mean he was a proud man but don’t get wrong by the literal appear of the words. When I finally understood his conscious self awareness I simply bowed my head to this great person.

It’s his personality, self awareness, ways of thinking and well understanding of politics that makes him my idol. Undoubtedly he was one of the great intellects of his time.

Republic of Cameroon Is going to Host ATA’s Annual Congress Thu, 16 Aug 2012 11:18:59 +0000 The ATA – Africa Travel Association – announced that the republic of Cameroon is going to host the 38th annual World Congress. The responsibility of the Congress is t bring together hundreds of professionals and leaders from the business, government and nonprofit sectors to promote the tourism development to Africa from all around the world.

Edward Bergman, Executive director of ATA said that “ATA is so excited to partner with its longtime valuable member Republic of Cameroon in bringing tourism professionals who are looking forward to do business in Africa and delegates will have a great opportunity to learn about the new industry trends, explore the newest potential products of the country and build new connections to expand business. “

The Annual event of ATA in Africa offers a unique learning, networking and agenda-shaping platform for diverse group of sellers and buyers. Participants include industry professionals representing the tourism board, tourism ministers, conference and incentive operators, travel agencies and tour operators, hotels, airlines and the travel trade media. Other participants from the academic, corporate and nonprofit sectors are expected to attend the event along with the leaders of Africa.

Delegates will have the tremendous opportunity to explore the products of Republic of Cameroon (you have already learned that) which includes eco tourism products for growth and an abundance of cultural and natural resources with strong cultural heritage. They will also have the opportunity to learn about the new hotels and their offerings. Pre and post congress trips can also be available.

Bernard Fonlon: The Great Leader in the History of Cameroon Tue, 14 Aug 2012 17:44:33 +0000 On August 26, 1986 the great professor Bernard Fonlon passed away. He was a true leader, philosopher, adviser, teacher, writer, Africanist, essayist, nationalist and mentor. On the verge of the 26th anniversary of his death it’s really hard to summarize the impeccable qualities of this great person in one short article.

Even in today anyone will be astonished by the ways of his thinking. Bernard Fonlon was the man to create telecommunication network for the country, a public transport system, an entire airline and a health and family welfare system.

The saddest part is he was unable to accomplish his complete goal. He intended to receive a doctorate degree in Literature from Canada. After completing the degree he wanted to stay in the United States of America during the Fulbright program. But he couldn’t leave Canada and will be memorized by the followers though God Almighty took him away before he could fulfill his intentions.

After sixty two years since born his body was brought back to his native place Cameroon and buried after his tragic death in Canada. He died in Lake Nyos gas disaster which took away hundreds of countrymen’s life just within few minutes. His death was one of the most tragic events in the history of Cameroon.

The death of this great person was surpassed because of this tragic incident. Professor Fonlon always maintained a safe distance from the limelight for himself and may be his death in this horrible incident was God Almighty’s wish to keep him in the way he always wanted. He was one of the most qualified men in that time yet he labored patiently for country. When the contemporary successful countrymen were so busy to prove themselves as hero Fonlon never exposed him as one of them. It’s his qualities and works what makes him memorable.